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Chapter | Industry & Mining from The Report: Algeria 2017

While the economic contribution of industry is still relatively small, many of the key building blocks for a successful industrial sector are already established, with abundant energy reserves, mineral raw materials and infrastructure. Some segments of agri-business are well developed, and activity in heavy industrial such as steel and cement production is rapidly expanding. As the largest...

The collapse in oil prices has weighed on the Algerian economy, giving rise to twin deficits in the budget and current account. In mid-2016 the government introduced a bold medium-term plan that targets a balanced budget by 2020, alongside a new growth model with a strategy for economic development and diversification by 2030. These moves have coincided with the private sector playing a much stronger role in the economy.

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L’investissement international dans l’industrie automobile en Algérie s’accroit suite à la mise en place de mesures visant à soutenir la croissance de la production manufacturière.


As the largest country in Africa, and home to a variety of topographies and geologies, Algeria is rich in substantial mineral reserves. These are currently underutilised, as the sector has attracted little investment in recent decades. According to figures cited in local press, around 60% of the country has not been properly explored. Algeria’...


How can local companies participate in the emerging Algerian automotive industry?


How has the agri-business market developed, and what improvements still need to be made?


One of the largest manufacturing segments in Algeria is construction materials, which accounted for 2.2% of total country GDP and 10.4% of industrial GDP in 2016, with value added of AD101.3bn (€840.2m), according to the National Statistics Office. In 2016 segment GDP grew by 6.2% in real terms – up from 5.1% the previous year – making it the...


Many of the key building blocks for a successful industrial sector, including abundant energy reserves and mineral raw materials, well-developed infrastructure, and proximity to major export markets are present in Algeria. Despite this, the economic contribution of industry is relatively small.