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Thoughts and Insights on the yellow slice of the pie

Next Frontier: OBG Editors Blog | Emerging Markets Economics Blog

Next Frontier: OBG Editors' Blog
Thoughts and Insights on the yellow slice of the pie
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Business Getting Easier in Indonesia, but CEOs Wary of External Risks
Increasing Opportunities: Latin American Economies Set for Growth in 2018
OBG Roundtable 2018: Keys to Enhancing Peruvian Exports
CEOs in Nigeria Indicate First Steps to Long Overdue Economic Recovery
Exerting Resilience: Peru Rebounds from Challenges to Post Positive Growth
VAT in the Gulf: What Economic Impact Can We Expect?
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Oliver Cornock
15 February 2018

On Monday's (12/02/18) news briefing with BBC World News, OBG Editor-in-Chief Oliver Cornock discussed Bridgewater’s warning about global markets entering a new era of volatility as the world adjusts to higher interest rates following a period of ultra-loose monetary policy, indications of a market wobble in global money markets and more.


Patrick Cooke
6 February 2018
Economic Roundups

In this our second podcast, Asia Editor, Patrick Cooke, catches up with Philippines Editorial Manager, Jean-Pierre Salendres, in Manila to discuss the economic outlook for ASEAN’s third largest economy in 2018.  

Oliver Cornock
4 February 2018
OBG Business Barometer

As I write this in January 2018 and look back to a year ago, the economies of the GCC were hoping that oil prices had bottomed out and that the next 12 months would herald greater market stability.