Cover of The Report: Vietnam 2017

The Report: Vietnam 2017

After years of strong economic growth and surging foreign direct investment, Vietnam today is emerging as a key middle-income country in the South-east Asian political and economic sphere. A nation of ancient traditions with a youthful and energetic population, Vietnam is also moving through a period of additional economic reforms, while continuing to leverage its strategic location and strong international relations to further boost its rapidly growing overseas trade activity.

Economic growth projections for 2017 remain largely positive, with both the Vietnamese government and the Institute of Chartered Accountants projecting that real GDP growth would reach 6.5% in 2016, before climbing up to 7% in 2017, driven by strong manufacturing and foreign direct investment. Vietnam is set to see the highest GDP growth in the region in 2017, while the average forecast for ASEAN was 4.5% in 2016 and 4.7% in 2017.


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