Sheikh Khalid Al Amoudi, CEO, Saudi Red Bricks Company

Taking advantage of a strong economy to develop new business opportunities

In an interview with Global Platform, Sheikh Khalid Al Amoudi, CEO of Saudi Red Bricks Company (SRBC), speaks on the factors driving Saudi Arabia’s economic growth. On top of a supportive business environment and numerous government infrastructure projects, a young population with high incomes is driving housing demand. Looking to leverage the growing number of opportunities in the construction industry, SRBC is poised to triple in size over the coming years by mass-producing high-quality, low-cost building materials. 


Size matters; Saudi Arabia is a very big country, it’s a rich country and it’s a growing country. Everybody would love to do business in Saudi Arabia. The government has always been in favour of local businessman throughout the years. It’s an inviting country for business: there is a lot of raw material, and the private sector economy is growing. Roads and construction [projects] are all made with private companies, who have gained local experience. This experience is an asset, and this is the time to expand, grow and sharpen your business methods. You can only improve if you do that. If you cannot, then you are definitely going to decline. But, if you look towards Vision 2030, you will grow in the right way. 

Sheikh Khalid Al Amoudi, CEO, Saudi Red Bricks Company

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