What is driving Growth in Emerging Markets?

Andrew Jeffreys, CEO, Oxford Business Group

Andrew Jeffreys, the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Oxford Business Group, has identified three main drivers of growth in emerging markets: trade, diversification and human capital. As the list of new economic zones and regional blocs continues to expand, and worldwide trade increases with it, economies are focusing anew on diversifying their sources of income and are channelling resources into the non-oil sector. Sectors such as tourism, finance, health care and construction are seeing massive growth. Education, too, is another growth story, as a highly qualified labour force skilled in vocational and technical training will be necessary to keep up the pace. In this video, Andrew Jeffreys discusses each component of growth in detail.



Andrew Jeffreys: The key driver of growth in the 21st century is going to be trade. We’ve seen the cost of manufacturing fall over the last two decades, and we expect to see the cost of moving goods and services between countries fall in the next 10 years. And of course new regional blocs are helping this process. Mercosur, Ecowas, the GCC, ASEAN – the list of economic zones is growing, and as it does the size and speed of regional trade is increasing every day. In the 20 years since the NAFTA treaty was signed, trade between Mexico and the US has increased 500%.

What is driving Growth in Emerging Markets?

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