Ahmed Shalaby, President & CEO of Tatweer Misr

Egypt’s real estate market expands and encourages investment

26 November 2019

In this Global Platform video, Ahmed Shalaby, President & CEO of Tatweer Misr, talks about the expansion and developments being made in the real estate sector. Egypt has plans to develop 35 to 40 new cities in the next 40 years, focusing on providing jobs, housing, infrastructure and services to meet the needs of the country’s quickly growing population. Joint efforts from the government and private sector have resulted in a real estate market that is highly competitive and provides many opportunities for investment in both residential and non-residential assets.


Egypt is growing, Egypt is expanding and in the coming 35 to 40 years we need to double the urban area of Egypt from 7% to 14%, so all that we did in 7,000 years we need to do it again in 35 years. That is huge and that should encourage foreign investors to come and invest. Look at all historical data about Egypt and different sectors of the economy along with the real estate sector.

Ahmed Shalaby, President & CEO of Tatweer Misr

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