Cover of The Report: Abu Dhabi 2013

The Report: Abu Dhabi 2013

While hydrocarbons continue to make up the lion’s share of the emirate’s GDP, oil revenues are supporting long-term efforts to diversify the economy. Oil and gas accounts for about 52% of real GDP, down on previous years, followed by construction, manufacturing and real estate. High-quality transport infrastructure, meanwhile, is boosting trade activity and free zones in Abu Dhabi.

Under the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 strategy, the emirate is working to build a knowledge-based economy, with a focus on boosting activity in a handful of key non-hydrocarbons sectors, including tourism, manufacturing, logistics, health care, education, financial services and telecommunications. Going forward, Abu Dhabi looks set to remain a key part of not just the UAE’s economy, but also the broader regional economic framework. This ambition continues to occupy government planners, and the evidence suggests that the emirate has succeeded in nurturing new economic sectors and is on track to meet its goals. 

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