The economic recession in recent years has forced the government to closely examine its consumption of foreign goods, and to prioritise domestic production and self-sustainability. The push towards wider economic diversification has highlighted agriculture as a potential sector for transformation. While the state has shown a commitment to change, Trinidad and Tobago still has room for improvement as it continues its journey towards increased food security. To ensure food security and sustainability, T&T must invest in initiatives that will build out its agricultural capabilities and place the local food system on a solid foundation that values both staple and export crops. Planned rehabilitation efforts can only be successful if the government and private investors alike continue showing commitment to and interest in the rehabilitation of the sector. This chapter includes an interview with Joe Pires, Managing Director, Caribbean Chemicals and Agencies.
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Sketch of Joe Pires, Managing Director, Caribbean Chemicals and Agencies
Joe Pires, Managing Director, Caribbean Chemicals and Agencies: Interview