Trinidad & Tobago ICT

The liberalisation of the Trinidad and Tobago telecoms industry, which has been under way since 2004 under the guidance of state regulator the Telecommunications Authority of T&T, has been one of the major successes of the non-oil economy of the last decade. The country now boasts a number of high-quality, fixed-line internet and cable TV providers, and two mobile operators, which have invested in developing infrastructure and delivering competitively priced, high-tech services. There have also been positive strides in terms of developing the domestic ICT industry. Recognising that education – both in terms of general digital literacy and advanced training – is the necessary first step towards building up the sector, the government has focused on drafting a five-year ICT in education strategy, which should be published in 2017 or early 2018. In order for the sector to grow it will be critical to develop adequate human resource talent, only then can the sector develop locally created software solutions for domestic or regional use.