Sri Lanka 2019 - ICT

Following years of steady growth, the ICT sector is embracing a period of fast-paced innovation. While the telecoms and business process outsourcing industries in Sri Lanka are reaching maturity, efforts are being focused on developing more innovative and high-end products. The sector’s organic growth is benefitting other industries, such as agriculture, manufacturing and tourism, and supporting the emergence of technology-focused small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups, which in turn are creating jobs and value in the economy. At the same time, government and private sector stakeholders are trying to promote the country as a technology hub for international firms and investors. However, despite the progress made, recent political uncertainty and ongoing regional disparities in ICT infrastructure need to be addressed to ensure the sector’s momentum does not stall. This chapter contains an interview with Lakmini Wijesundera, CEO, IronOne Technologies.

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Interviews & Viewpoints

Sketch of Lakmini Wijesundera, CEO, IronOne Technologies
Lakmini Wijesundera, CEO, IronOne Technologies: Interview