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    OBG examines all aspects of local transport infrastructure, including sea, air and land. Our analysis within the transport sector reviews the major projects under way and planned, such as airport expansions, port plans, public transit systems, road construction and rail networks.
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How can land acquisition issues be solved in the next phases of the MRT project’s development?


Mobile ride-hailing applications are revolutionising urban transport in Indonesia. Recording triple-digit growth in recent years, apps like Grab, Go-Jek and Uber have made significant inroads, offering targeted GPS services that enable rapid pick-up, easier navigation, speedier journeys and lower price points. Recent investment announcements...

Chapter | Transport from The Report: Indonesia 2018

Road, port, airport and rail upgrades are a critical priority for the government of President Joko Widodo, with his administration having overseen an infrastructure and transport spending surge since taking office in 2014. The main aims of this increased resource allotment are to lower transportation costs – which are among the highest in South-east Asia – reduce congestion, and improve the...

With investment in industrial zones, SEZs, infrastructure and priority industries set to increase in the coming years, Indonesia remains extremely well positioned to capitalise on its position as a regional leader.

L’adoption d’une approche pluri-facettes pour développer les transports urbains ivoiriens devrait permettre de fluidifier la circulation à Abidjan, la capitale commerciale du pays, et d’améliorer les échanges commerciaux à l’échelle nationale et régionale.

Increased investment in transport infrastructure is expected to provide a boost to Papua New Guinea’s logistics sector, with new, long-term projects set to improve connectivity and support government plans to expand targeted industries.