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    Tourism is a fast-growing sector in many emerging markets. OBG analyses the latest statistics on visitors and spending, highlighting investment opportunities. Our research covers hotel developments, government incentives, demand for leisure facilities and the MICE segment.
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Chapter | Tourism from The Report: Colombia 2019

Over the past decade and a half the long-kept secret of Colombia’s cultural heritage and natural beauty has spread throughout the international tourism circuit. While recent years have been challenging for Colombia’s exporting sectors, tourism has been a consistent contributor to the economy and a catalyst for development in not only large cities, but also in areas formerly controlled by FARC...

Since the drop in commodity prices in 2014, Colombia’s economy has been recovering and is set to expand in 2019 and 2020. In May 2018 Colombia was invited to become the 37th member of the OECD, a positive development that should increase the country’s international political and economic prominence in the coming decades. However, challenges to ensuring Colombia’s continued economic progress remain.

La Côte d’Ivoire, qui ambitionne de devenir le cinquième pays le plus visité d’Afrique d’ici 2025, passe à l’action avec l’annonce d’une stratégie officielle visant à accroître le nombre d’arrivées par le biais d’une amélioration des infrastructures et d’un élargissement de l’offre d’attractions touristiques.


How has recent performance shaped future plans for the hospitality industry?

Aided by easier and cheaper travel, global tourism has experienced two decades of almost uninterrupted growth. According to the World Bank, the number of international departures more than doubled between 1997 and 2017, from 687m to 1.6bn per annum. With the global middle class estimated by the US-based think tank Brookings Institution to be...


Famous for the Machu Picchu archaeological site and its rich gastronomic history, Peru is one of the fast-growing tourist destinations on the planet. Having won the “World’s Leading Culinary Destination” title for the seventh consecutive year at the World Travel Awards in December 2018, the country was also named the “World’s Leading Cultural...