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    Tourism is a fast-growing sector in many emerging markets. OBG analyses the latest statistics on visitors and spending, highlighting investment opportunities. Our research covers hotel developments, government incentives, demand for leisure facilities and the MICE segment.
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Chapter | Tourism from The Report: Dubai 2020

Attention in Dubai has already started to shift beyond Expo 2020 to the emirate’s long-term prospects as a tourism destination. Passenger numbers at its airport, one of the busiest in the world, have not been unaffected by regional economic headwinds. Nor have hotel occupancy rates and average daily rates emerged unscathed from the pre-expo supply boost. But the emirate remains a major draw,...

In a bid to further incentivise growth in the tourism sector, Bahrain has unveiled a new scuba diving attraction.

Although Dubai has traversed some challenging economic territory over recent years the economic stimulus of Expo 2020 preparation and more stable oil prices have eased this strain in 2019, and business sentiment has improved accordingly. With the long-anticipated expo event set to take place in 2020, attention has started to focus on the important question of sustaining the current economic momentum over the medium term.


Over the past decade, Mexico’s tourism industry has shown steady expansion, growing every year since 2011 despite security concerns and travel warnings. The 41.4m tourists that visited Mexico in 2018 reflect a 5.5% increase from the number of visitors in 2017, when the government estimated 39m foreign tourists entered the country. According to...


San Luis Potosí has a portfolio of attractions to appeal to different segments of the tourism market. Beyond the picturesque colonial centre of the capital, palm groves, natural pools and archaeological sites make the south-eastern Huasteca region worthy of promotion, and adventure tourism has grown significantly in recent years with...


In light of the new multi-phase tourism policy, what diversification initiatives will be put in place to strengthen the industry?