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    In collaboration with a leading local accountancy firm, OBG provides an overview of the tax system, including information on corporate, sales and income taxes. Other topics include repatriation of profits, capital movements, investment incentives, Customs duties and free zones.
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The collapse in oil prices has weighed on the Algerian economy, giving rise to twin deficits in the budget and current account. In mid-2016 the government introduced a bold medium-term plan that targets a balanced budget by 2020, alongside a new growth model with a strategy for economic development and diversification by 2030. These moves have coincided with the private sector playing a much stronger role in the economy.


Where do you see the most potential for the government to develop new revenue streams?


The current tax rules in Qatar are governed by Law No. 21 of 2009, which came into effect on January 1, 2010. The executive regulations – effective from July 1, 2011 – contain the detailed rules related to the administration of the tax regime.


The international tax environment has been evolving rapidly in the last two years, with a number of changes affecting the GCC states. With increased budgetary requirements, sustained lower oil prices and heightened government spending requirements, the pursuit of new income sources in the region was widely anticipated.

Chapter | Tax from The Report: Qatar 2017

This chapter contains an overview of the tax framework in which local and foreign investors operate in Qatar, including a summary of the general rules governing nationals and non-residents, the system requirements for locals and foreign entities, and an analysis of value-added tax, which is to be introduced at a standard rate.

This chapter contains a viewpoint from Wadih AbouNasr,...

2017 proved a turbulent year for Qatar, dominated by the diplomatic rift that emerged between the country and several other regional states in June 2017. However, Qatar has adapted quickly, with many in the local business community confident about the future.