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    Western-style shopping malls are increasingly popular in emerging markets. OBG’s retail sector analysis looks at local demand, shopping habits, opportunities for development in smaller cities, consumer spending power and brand awareness.
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Peru has seen relatively stable economic growth and significantly reduced the number of people living in poverty. Still, there have been multiple cases of corruption, but the government of President Martín Vizcarra Cornejo, who took office in 2018, has focused efforts on combatting this and stabilising the political climate. Nevertheless, challenges to ensuring sustainable development remain.

Buoyed by steady economic expansion, Kuwait’s retail sector is expected to see solid growth in the second half of 2019 and beyond, though fluctuating consumer sentiment and policy changes could weigh on turnover.

As Egypt is the most-populous Arab nation and third-most populous in Africa, population pressure is driving the nation’s economic agenda, with an estimated 3.5m young Egyptians entering the labour force by 2023. Recent years have seen an array of public initiatives aimed at encouraging private sector activity, but these remain hampered by a challenging economic backdrop and structural hurdles.


The 2017 release of a mid-term e-commerce roadmap marked an important step forward for e-commerce development. Under development for more than a year, the roadmap established a policy framework and action plans across a host of relevant areas, including taxation, consumer protection, human resource development, communications, management,...


How would you evaluate the performance of Indonesia’s e-commerce sector in 2018?


E-commerce is now well established in developed markets, where the majority of adults make at least occasional purchases online. However, levels of activity on the whole remain relatively low in emerging countries, as these markets are restrained by a wide range of challenges, among them less-developed financial and logistical infrastructure...