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    OBG gives an overview of the media and advertising landscape, providing, inter alia, statistics on the number of media outlets and their readership or viewer figures, a review of government licensing and regulation and a summary of trends in advertising expenditures.
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2017 proved a turbulent year for Qatar, dominated by the diplomatic rift that emerged between the country and several other regional states in June 2017. However, Qatar has adapted quickly, with many in the local business community confident about the future.

With investment in industrial zones, SEZs, infrastructure and priority industries set to increase in the coming years, Indonesia remains extremely well positioned to capitalise on its position as a regional leader.


What are the main challenges in delivering content to viewers in sub-Saharan Africa?


A number of new records set by Nollywood – the colloquial name for Nigeria’s domestic film industry – brought 2016 to a successful close. In the last two weeks of the year The Wedding Party, a locally produced film, broke records for the biggest opening weekend, the biggest week and the highest box office sales total for a Nigerian film...


Nigeria’s first news outlet was established in 1859, and the country’s media sector has since grown into a prosperous industry that comprises newspapers, radio broadcasters and television stations, and caters to an audience of over 180m in a variety of languages.


Nigeria’s television and broadcasting industry is about to undergo dramatic changes, as the government oversees the process of migrating broadcasting from analogue to digital. While several countries in Africa have switched off their analogue signal, Nigeria is set to become the first country on the continent to transition from analogue to...