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    In-depth coverage of the local legal framework for business is an integral part of OBG’s analysis. Working in partnership with a leading local law firm, we review foreign investment laws, ownership restrictions, requirements for local partners and labour laws, among other topics.
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A number of key developments in the country are expected to support economic growth in the coming years. A rapidly improving business environment and infrastructural base, the gradual liberalisation of the local currency and increased investment into export-oriented industries are all set to raise living standards and drive the emergence of a large national middle class.

Ghana continues to be one of the most stable countries in sub-Saharan Africa and has developed substantially over the years. Now one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies, the country is starting to move away from traditional resource dependency. However, it faces the challenge of ensuring the widest benefit from that expansion, given its growing and increasingly urbanised population.

En un esfuerzo por aumentar la confianza de los inversionistas e impulsar el desarrollo de proyectos mayores de infraestructura, luego del escándalo de corrupción de Odebrecht, Perú ha adoptado medidas para lograr una mayor transparencia a la hora de otorgar obras públicas de gran envergadura.


In June 2017 the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) announced plans to develop a regulatory sandbox, establishing Bahrain as a leader in the Middle East’s financial technology (fintech) landscape. The regulatory sandbox is a virtual space and framework that facilitates the development of fintech through safe testing of innovative products, services...


In recent years Bahrain has seen the introduction of a series of laws designed to further develop the kingdom’s financial sector, facilitate local and foreign investment, and promote Bahrain as a transparent, secure and cost-effective place to do business in the Middle East and North Africa.


In line with King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s commitment to strengthening non-oil sectors, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) was officially formed with the issuance of Decree No. 69 of 2017 with respect to the organisation of the RERA. It began operations in March 2018, with a focus on licensing real estate service providers,...