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    OBG reviews the government and private health sectors highlighting opportunities for international medical providers to enter local markets. Overall spending, ratios of medical staff, facilities per capita and project spending plans are analysed. Health tourism also comes under scrutiny where relevant.
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What skills is Ghana’s IT sector in most need of?

Chapter | Health & Education from The Report: Ghana 2018

Facing a growing population and an urban middle class underserved by health care providers, the government has made considerable strides in a number of important areas, including the expansion of primary care coverage. Expanded infrastructure, increased numbers of health care professionals, and a renewed emphasis on sanitation and prevention should help improve health indicators. Furthermore,...

Since assuming power in January 2017 the administration of President Nana Akufo-Addo has moved to rein in fiscal spending, industrialise rural regions and improve the business environment in order to jump-start economic growth. The government has brought down the fiscal deficit and freed up capital spending for priority projects, and Ghana’s economic prospects appear strong for 2018.

2017 proved a momentous year for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the various strategies related to the country’s Vision 2030 and National Transformation Plan 2020 started to take shape.


Over the past two decades considerable progress has been made in the coverage and quality of health care services, with indicators improving steadily, alongside a decline in instances of communicable diseases. As a result, life expectancy at birth has risen from 68 years in 1995 to 76 years as of 2015, according to the latest World Bank...


Since its independence Algeria has experienced significant socio-economic development. Efforts in the health sector led to an increase in life expectancy, rising to 77 years in 2016 from 50 in 1962. Several projects in 2017 mobilised the country in terms of demographic evolution and societal dynamism, including making accessible specialised...