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    OBG reports on the growing awareness of environmental concerns, how they affect industrial development and the steps being taken to address attendant problems. Many countries are establishing environmental agencies to seek out ways to cut pollution and waste, as well as to introduce conservation and recycling measures.
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Morocco benefits from its well-developed manufacturing sector, mining industry, agricultural output, proximity to Europe, sizeable diaspora community, low labour costs and market-oriented public policy.


With its hot and arid climate, Abu Dhabi is predisposed to a number of environmental challenges that threaten its capacity to sustainably meet the needs of its growing population. In light of this, the importance of protecting the emirate’s natural environment is enshrined in key policy documents, including the Abu Dhabi Environment Vision...


What measures are being developed to reduce water consumption levels?


Limited supply of available water resources poses an acute challenge to Abu Dhabi and the UAE more broadly. As new research points to the urgency in countering the trends of high water usage, the government is looking to increase efficiencies to sustain the water resources needed to support growth. On the agenda is the implementation of a data...

Chapter | Environment from The Report: Abu Dhabi 2016

The federal government’s recent efforts to reduce the nation’s environmental impact have started to bear fruit. A three-year plan was announced in late 2014 for reusing 100% of recycled water. Currently Abu Dhabi treats all 800,000 cu metres of the wastewater generated daily, of which 60% is reused while 40% returns to sea. Meanwhile in early 2015 legal moves were made to endorse the expansion...

Thanks to business-friendly government policies implemented over the past 10 years Abu Dhabi is now home to a rapidly diversifying economy that is among the largest in the region, with GDP reaching a total of Dh952.68bn ($259.32bn) at current prices in 2014.