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Récemment promulguée, une nouvelle loi pose les bases pour accélérer le développement du secteur des start-up en Tunisie, combinant des incitations financières et des aides de l’Etat afin de booster l’innovation et inverser la fuite des cerveaux.

International access to Saudi equities continues to grow on the back of reforms to capital markets and the recent inclusion of dozens of stocks in an influential emerging markets index.

Le Maroc, de concert avec la Banque mondiale, s’emploie actuellement à développer l’entreprenariat national en améliorant la bureaucratie et l’infrastructure numérique, et en renforçant l’intégration des individus et entreprises dans le système financier organisé.

Mirroring a trend seen across the Gulf, two lenders in Qatar announced the country’s first bank merger in a move officials say will support economic growth and the development of the financial and private sectors. 

Kenya accounted for the bulk of private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) transactions by volume and value in East Africa in the last five years, and improvements to the business environment could see the country retain its lead going forward.

Newly introduced legislation regulating the activities of companies in Oman will increase transparency and oversight, while also serving to encourage more local firms to list on the country’s stock exchange.