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L’Algérie progresse dans la mise en œuvre de l’initiative de ville intelligente Alger Smart City et des responsables des pouvoirs publics s’entretiennent actuellement avec des représentants des secteurs des technologies, des médias et des télécommunications afin de réfléchir aux différentes manières de renforcer la digitalisation et de développer l’entreprenariat.

Sri Lanka has moved to increase foreign direct investment (FDI) flows following the launch of a new programme aimed at streamlining Customs procedures to boost trade.

Saudi Arabia is preparing to start the privatisation process of its flour milling industry, tying into broader plans to enhance the role of the private sector.


With its existing power plants and related infrastructure and scope for further development, energy has been named as one of four strategic sectors identified by the Secretariat of Economic Development (Secretaría de Desarrollo Económico, SEDECO) as a focus for the economic development of Hidalgo.


What are the main structural strengths of the brewery industry in Mexico?


Though its major motorway and railway infrastructure rivals any state in Mexico, Hidalgo is well aware further works are needed to fully make the most of its privileged geographical position. Improving the state’s infrastructure – in terms of roads, logistics and services – continues to be a priority, with the state now focused on creating the...