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La combinación de una economía estancada, alta inflación y la corrida cambiaria del verano pasado, junto con la petición de un préstamo de emergencia en el FMI, hicieron que el año 2018 fuese difícil para Argentina. Sin embargo, hay indicios de que a medio plazo se verán los frutos del programa de recuperación aplicado por el gobierno.

En 2018, la Côte d’Ivoire a confirmé sa place parmi les économies mondiales les plus performantes ; les programmes de développement des infrastructures actuellement mis en œuvre et les efforts déployés afin d’améliorer l’environnement des affaires devraient doper davantage la croissance.

Egypt’s economy maintained a strong rate of growth throughout 2018 on the back of increased gas production, with ongoing fiscal reforms helping to reduce the budget deficit and provide a strong platform for future expansion.

Expanding industrial output, including from its extractive industries, helped Ghana maintain economic momentum throughout 2018, with the prospect of a similar performance in the coming year.

Political tensions in the latter part of 2018 slowed the momentum of Sri Lanka’s economy, weakening gains made earlier in the year. Nevertheless, political stabilisation and advances in the export and tourism sectors are expected to drive robust growth over the coming year.

Higher energy prices and strong increases in gas output helped return Oman’s economy to growth in 2018, with expansion forecast to accelerate in the coming year.