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    OBG’s Construction sector analysis highlights investment opportunities in the infrastructure, residential, commercial and industrial segments. Government policies are reviewed along with labour, materials and land costs, trends in bank lending and the public tendering process.
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2017 proved a momentous year for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the various strategies related to the country’s Vision 2030 and National Transformation Plan 2020 started to take shape.


Thriving revenues from hydrocarbons led to a period of widespread residential building in Algeria, with the housing segment leading the construction sector as the largest market in 2011-15, accounting for 41% of the total. Sustained growth is forecast until 2020, driven by an urbanisation expansion rate of 2.7% and a rising population...


How do you expect public spending to evolve in the sectors overseen by your ministry?


What are the ambitions of GICA in terms of growing its production capacity over the coming years?


As a key industry for Algeria’s economic development and diversification, the construction sector’s growth forecast remains positive despite the slowdown of the wider economy. There are major projects in transport and housing in the pipeline, though a flatter rate of expansion is expected due to investment cutbacks, and the buoyant curve of...

Chapter | Construction & Real Estate from The Report: Algeria 2017

Major projects in transport and housing are in the pipeline, though a flatter rate of expansion and an increased focus on priority projects are expected due to investment cutbacks. Affordable pricing is of the utmost importance. In late 2017 the government stressed that housing and infrastructure development are key priorities, and the 2018 budget will see an 8% rise from 2017 in funding...