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Myanmar today is a country undergoing rapid change, and there is a solid determination among its people and leaders alike to help their country establish an important place at the global political and economic table.

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Chapter | Table of Contents from The Report: Myanmar 2017

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Chapter | Financial Services from The Report: Myanmar 2017

In the wake of sweeping reforms undertaken since 2011, Myanmar’s banking sector has been advancing at a rapid pace to become safer, sounder and better regulated. The majority of banking institutions are rising to the challenge by adopting international best practices, especially in terms of accountancy, and investing in systems that promise to transform the way they operate. Until recently...

Chapter | The Guide from The Report: Myanmar 2017

This chapter contains accommodation listings for business and leisure stays, contact numbers for a variety of local services, useful tips for first-time visitors to the country, as well as a feature on the city of Pyin Oo Lwin.

Chapter | Legal Framework from The Report: Myanmar 2017

This chapter examines Myanmar’s legal system, focusing on the new investment law that is set to enhance the business climate, the extension of investment protections and benefits, a mobile financial services bill, and updates to several key labour laws.

It also contains a viewpoint from Cheah Swee Gim, Director, Kelvin Chia Yangon.

Chapter | Tax from The Report: Myanmar 2017

This chapter examines Myanmar’s tax regime, focusing on the newly passed Special Goods Tax Law, rules and penalties for concealment of income, regulations for industrial and special zones, the Myanmar Investment Law set to reshape the market and a summary of accounting standards and practices. It also contains a viewpoint from U Win Thin, Chairman, Win Consulting.

Chapter | Tourism from The Report: Myanmar 2017

When Myanmar recently began opening its doors to the outside world, tourists rushed at the chance to see a country that had not only been closed to them for decades, but that also boasted a rich culture and heritage. The next phase of growth will demand better marketing, improved data collection and facilities capable of offering visitors not only sights, but compelling experiences. Change has...