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Malaysia is enjoying uninterrupted momentum in attracting investment and trade flows destined for South-east Asia. As a leading trading nation it has the necessary infrastructure and determination to compete and partner with its ASEAN neighbors to create a more sustainable growth model.

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Chapter | Johor from The Report: Malaysia 2016

Home to 3.6m people spread over 19,016 sq km, Malaysia’s most southerly state, Johor, has long played a key political and economic role in the country’s development. On the Strait of Malacca and sharing a border with Singapore, it has the country’s busiest trans-shipment hub and benefits from its position at the crossroads of some of the world’s most important trading routes. Over the past...

Chapter | The Guide from The Report: Malaysia 2016

This chapter contains a selection of leading hotels and resorts, contact details of ministries, associations and services, tips for business travellers, and a feature piece on the Danum Valley.

Chapter | Legal Framework from The Report: Malaysia 2016

This chapter gives an overview of Malaysia’s legal framework, focusing on key areas that include the Trans-Pacific Partnership, tariff agreements, reforms affecting the entry of foreign firms, and legislation to expand Islamic finance. This chapter contains viewpoints from Philip Teoh, Partner, Azmi & Associates; and Ahmad Lutfi Abdull Mutalip, Partner, Azmi & Associates.

Chapter | Agriculture & Plantations from The Report: Malaysia 2016

As the world’s second-largest palm oil producer after Indonesia and a leading producer of natural rubber, Malaysia today also boasts increasingly sophisticated fruit and vegetable, rice, livestock and fisheries sectors. These building blocks are set to undergo some important changes in the years ahead, as the country seeks to implement the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP). Under 11MP there is a...

Chapter | Tourism from The Report: Malaysia 2016

Malaysia has long traded on its alluring mix of nature, tropical beaches, vibrant culture and modern cities to bring in tourists from the region and further afield – the collage of attractions summed up in its long-running “Malaysia, Truly Asia” advertising campaign. But as its neighbours refine their offerings, the country is facing increased competition for foreign visitors and their...

Chapter | Health from The Report: Malaysia 2016

In the nearly 60 years since its independence, Malaysia has made enormous strides in health care, creating an internationally lauded public health system that delivers quality care to a large proportion of the public at extremely generous rates. This is complemented by a growing private sector, which provides quality care – often in specialist areas – to those Malaysians and foreigners who can...