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What are some challenges to the growth of the agro-chemical industry in Colombia, and which areas should be targeted for development?


Looking ahead, it is difficult to imagine more interesting times for Colombia from a political, economic and business perspective. The country has come a long way in establishing itself as a credible, fast-growing and resilient economy, which is now producing companies capable of competing on a regional and global level. Security is improving...


How does the Statutory Health Law impact investment in the sector?


For too many years tax reforms in Colombia have been aimed at solving fiscal collection shortages by creating new temporary taxes that, by way of being re-enacted time after time, became permanent, or by increasing the rates of existing taxes. This short-sighted approach has resulted in a disjointed tax system that imposed an excessive burden...


What are the main challenges and opportunities facing the development of the tourism sector?


Can the target of the digital economy accounting for 5% of Colombia’s GDP be met by 2018?