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Bahrain’s Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications in June selected French technology company Thales and Switzerland’s telecoms services firm SITA as providers of Bahrain International Airport’s new security and operations management system.

An expanded bus network and a new light rail project are set to improve traffic conditions in Bahrain, while a planned second causeway to the Arabian peninsula should help ease regional freight transport over the long term. 

Large-scale investment in Bahrain’s infrastructure is under way to increase passenger-handling capacity at the country’s international airport, alongside efforts to expand ancillary services. 

Plans for increased spending on infrastructure developments are set to support further growth in Bahrain’s industrial sector via improved transport links and the construction of new large-scale facilities. However, falling oil revenue may impact funding availability for some capital works, potentially cooling long-term prospects in the sector.

As part of plans to tackle delays on the King Fahd causeway, Bahrain is taking steps to reduce waiting times and ease congestion on its road link with Saudi Arabia while larger measures are under consideration.
With a flurry of new infrastructure projects, the government is selling Bahrain’s regional connectivity as a key attraction for foreign investors. While the island Kingdom may not compete for east-west traffic with global transit centres like Dubai, Doha and Istanbul, Bahrain is carving out a role as a gateway to the GCC markets.