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After grappling with a range of macroeconomic headwinds in the past several years, Ghana is beginning to recover, experiencing an increase in commodity revenues, currency stabilisation and an improving fiscal situation. However, lingering effects continue to complicate the outlook for industrial producers.

Chapter | Industry & Retail from The Report: Ghana 2018

Industry is at the centre of government plans to transform the economy from one reliant on its resource base to one driven by value-added exports. The current administration has laid out a series of plans to achieve these goals and build strong value chains around key industries, announcing a number of policies designed to support the industrial agenda and expand production. The performance of...

Since assuming power in January 2017 the administration of President Nana Akufo-Addo has moved to rein in fiscal spending, industrialise rural regions and improve the business environment in order to jump-start economic growth. The government has brought down the fiscal deficit and freed up capital spending for priority projects, and Ghana’s economic prospects appear strong for 2018.


What advantages have the development of industrial zones provided to manufacturers?


How does the current level of domestic financing available compare to the cost of the projects that are currently in the pipeline?


Bold strategies to use industry as an engine of economic change could see new gold mines, plastics factories and medical laboratories boost growth, prosperity and jobs. While raising the profile of private enterprise, the government is also planning to inject capital into promising sectors, setting ambitious targets for itself and for industry...