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Abu Dhabi has moved to strengthen its growing vocational education and training sector, linking with an international risk management partner to improve the emirate’s occupational health and safety methods.

Abu Dhabi’s higher education sector is expected to play a pivotal role in the emirate’s plans to reduce dependency on external sources for innovation and knowledge acquisition. 

A drive to strengthen the link between higher education and the private sector in Abu Dhabi has set the scene for research and development (R&D) to play a greater role in the emirate’s economic development.

The emirate’s education system is in the midst of a major overhaul, one aimed at making the school system more responsive to the needs of students in a changing community. The new system will reflect evolving social, economic and cultural trends, with English coming to share the platform with Arabic as the language of learning.
With an eye on developing an Emirati labour force that can meet the requirements of local employers, the Executive Council (EC) of Abu Dhabi recently announced two new programmes that will boost the provision of education and professional training to UAE nationals. The government’s plans include the expansion of a scholarship fund for university students, as well as the establishment of additional vocational schools at the secondary level.
While health and safety is at the core of Abu Dhabi’s initiative to close villa schools, the push will also have positive knock-on effects for the local construction sector by creating opportunities to build educational facilities to replace them.