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Vocational training has become a key focus in Brunei Darussalam as it aims to meet the shifting demands of its economy as well as the challenges that economic integration with the rest of ASEAN is expected to bring after 2015.
Starting in July, Brunei Darussalam’s Ministry of Education (MoE) will begin implementing a series of broad-ranging reforms to the technical vocational education and training (TVET) system to align training programmes more with the needs of the economy.
To boost the quality of its education system, Brunei Darussalam has formed key partnerships with foreign governments and leading international institutions, as well as taken a leadership role in regional education.
As part of the Sultanate’s plans to overhaul the national education system, Brunei Darussalam’s education professionals are being taught new skills to better equip them to teach the new generation of managers. Efforts in this area are part of the shift in focus away from what has been described as “chalk and talk” teaching to a curriculum that is designed to meet the future needs of students in a changing working environment.
Brunei Darussalam is planning to strengthen its technical and vocational education system by increasing the number of institutions providing training, expanding the range of courses on offer and establishing exchange programmes with neighbouring countries.