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Nuevos acuerdos bilaterales, la flexibilización de las regulaciones comerciales y una mayor inversión en infraestructura parecen medidas encaminadas a desbloquear el crecimiento del sector agrícola de Argentina, país que se prepara para expandir sus exportaciones de granos.


How effective has the e-wallet tool been in boosting the usage of fertiliser?


As the government turns to the agriculture sector to boost economic growth, there is a greater emphasis on access to credit and financing for the industry. This stems from the awareness that more funds, in terms of both loans and grants, need to be supplied to the sector in order for it to reach its full potential.


What are some of the biggest challenges facing smallholder farmers in Nigeria?


What are some possible solutions to the challenges facing the sector today ?


As Nigeria’s economy contracted in 2016, the country’s agriculture sector took on even more importance. Long touted as a remedy to the West African nation’s dependence on oil, agriculture is now seen as a potential economic saviour. Before hydrocarbons became the main source of economic growth and export revenue, agriculture dominated the...