Delta State
From The Report: Nigeria 2023
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Situated at the epicentre of the petrochemicals industry, Delta State has the third-largest economy among Nigeria’s states, accounting for around 21.5% of the country’s oil output as of March 2023. While its internally generated revenue is predicated on oil and gas proceeds, the state has seen an expansion in other areas of the economy, with the non-oil and gas sector accounting for 52.5% of GDP in 2020 following a recent push for economic diversification, compared to 41.9% in 2013. In that vein, Delta State’s primary growth potential is in agri-business, light manufacturing, health care, tourism, energy and mining. Given the levels of unemployment, maximising support to foster this potential is set to play a crucial role in accelerating the diversification drive, as well as in consolidating its poverty reduction gains and attracting foreign direct investment.

This chapter contains an interview with Ifeanyi Okowa, Former Governor, Delta State.