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Peru Agriculture & Fisheries

Despite the effects of El Niño in 2017, agriculture’s prospects remain positive. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, projections, the sector is expected to post average growth of 3-3.5% in 2017, with exports projected to increase by 20-25% to reach $6bn. In the longer term, ongoing public programmes to assist small-scale farming should help to ensure that more smaller producers are integrated into the attractive export industry, while public-private initiatives to develop Peru’s vast forestry resources could see this segment play an increasingly important role in the future of the country’s economy.

This chapter features an interview with Juan Varilias, President, Association of Exporters.

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Sketch of Juan Varilias, President, Association of Exporters (ADEX)
Juan Varilias, President, Association of Exporters (ADEX): Interview