The Americas Economic Research and Investment Reports

The Americas

From South to North, OBG’s ever expanding coverage continues in The Americas. Economic and investment reports are regularly published on Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Panama and Trinidad & Tobago.

It is not just the big economic powers of Latin America, such as Colombia and Mexico, that constantly command attention. The smaller nations of the Caribbean like Trinidad and Tobago are carving out a disproportionate slice of the global economy by virtue of huge gas reserves. A combination of increasing foreign investment and strong, even if variable and at times volatile, external demand for commodities, has helped keep revenues flowing in. Recent structural reforms have also improved the business climate and increased competition, and stable growth has helped lower unemployment rates. Sectors such as mining, construction and real estate have benefitted from greater public spending and higher foreign capital inflows, while the financial sectors are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Although the region is facing economic difficulties, particularly in Brazil and Venezuela, growth remains strong in the market’s covered by OBG. Since neither price nor consistency of demand for commodities can be constantly assured, the region is moving slowly to implement value-added processes to maximise the income from natural resources. Other big challenges for the region remain the level of informality, low levels of productivity, and deficits in transport infrastructure, all of which are being addressed.


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