Morocco 2019 Banking

In hand with sustained economic growth in recent decades, Morocco has been able to establish one of the region’s most competitive and sophisticated banking sectors. This has translated into significant penetration levels for banking services, a wide array of products and a handful of large-scale banking players with international reach across the continent. Despite the years of development, however, the sector has had to contend with slower rates of lending and a lukewarm economic context of late. This has led to some strategy realignment, both by the country’s lenders as well as by the monetary authorities, who are keen to maintain the industry’s role as a dynamic factor in the kingdom’s economy. This chapter contains interviews with Abdellatif Jouahri, Governor, Bank Al Maghrib; and Ismail Douiri, General Manager, Attijariwafa Bank.

The Report

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Interviews & Viewpoints

Sketch of Ismail Douiri, General Manager, Attijariwafa Bank
Ismail Douiri, General Manager, Attijariwafa Bank: Interview