Capital Markets

Capital markets in Morocco have seen a number of difficulties in the past years, with the slowdown in the eurozone crisis and continued regional unrest putting pressure on the market. The bourse has posted losses for two years in a row, prompting calls for the accelerated institution of legislative reforms to aid regulators in stabilising operations. The Casablanca Stock Exchange is currently dominated by institutional investors, along with high-net-worth individuals and foreign investors. The authorities are working to get more companies to list by offering incentives, particularly to SMEs, and renewing activity on the bourse is a key goal for market regulators. This chapter includes an interview with Karim Hajji, CEO, Casablanca Stock Exchange; and a viewpoint from Younes Benjelloun, Partner and CEO, CFG Group.
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Sketch of Younes Benjelloun, Partner and CEO, CFG Group
Younes Benjelloun, Partner and CEO, CFG Group, on the bond market