Cover of The Report: Morocco 2013

The Report: Morocco 2013

Located in the westernmost region of North Africa, Morocco has an impressively diversified economy and in recent years has benefited from steady growth. The country has strong trade links with the EU and has a young population – with the median age of its roughly 32m people at 27.3 years – which in turn provides the country with a large supply of available and comparatively skilled labour.

Morocco has one of the most diversified economies on the African continent, and in recent years has sought to leverage that by strengthening bilateral trade and investment ties with markets in West and Central Africa. However, the country’s biggest trading partner remains the EU, which means that the slowdown there has had a large impact on exports from the North African kingdom. In recent years, Morocco has sought to reduce the exposure of its large agricultural sector to exogenous shocks, and has aimed to increase the size and scale of its industrial, tourism and financial sectors, with some success.

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