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A regional leader in service delivery and speciality care, Jordan’s health sector benefits from a large skilled workforce; a high-quality, low-cost medical tourism segment; and a robust pharmaceuticals manufacturing base. Expenditure on health care provision has risen consistently over the last decade, supporting strong improvements in indicators and outcomes. Meanwhile the kingdom benefits from a well-developed, advanced education system, with literacy rates among the highest in the region, and a large, diverse population of graduate students and researchers. However, the system is simultaneously dealing with rapid population growth and rising demand for post-secondary degrees, which has strained public universities. A mismatch between academic development and labour market demands has also created a shortage of skilled tradesmen. This chapter contains an interview with Labib Khadra, President, Al Hussein Technical University.

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Sketch of Labib Khadra, President, Al Hussein Technical University
Labib Khadra, President, Al Hussein Technical University: Interview

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