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    Each year OBG conducts thousands of interviews with heads of state, public officials and industry experts. This forms an integral part of what we do, allowing us to provide timely and comprehensive market insight. Every OBG Report contains a selection of these interviews and viewpoints, so our readers can learn about the countries we cover from those who know them best.

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What are the difficulties currently affecting integration efforts within ECOWAS?


We believe it is time Africa fully progresses and holds its rightful place on the world stage. This Africa will be honest to herself and the world, and will shed her cloak of poverty and become prosperous. We are not under any illusions about the hard work it will take to achieve our stated goals, but we are not afraid of hard work. A critical...


M&A can be an important tool to build scale, improve performance or remove excess industry capacity, and can fuel long-term, profitable growth. While not all M&A deals add value, failures should not necessarily discourage companies from pursuing them. Well-developed due diligence, valuation and integration capabilities can anchor an...


In 2016 Ghana passed two laws which have enhanced the scope of protection afforded to depositors; namely the Banks and Specialised Deposit Taking Institutions Act 2016 (Act 930) – which repealed the Banking Act 2004 – and the Ghana Deposit Protection Act 2016 (Act 931). The laws introduced new mechanisms and features designed to enable the...


In terms of investment, how attractive is Ghana’s health care sector?


What can be done to increase the economic impact of tourism across the country?