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    Each year OBG conducts thousands of interviews with heads of state, public officials and industry experts. This forms an integral part of what we do, allowing us to provide timely and comprehensive market insight. Every OBG Report contains a selection of these interviews and viewpoints, so our readers can learn about the countries we cover from those who know them best.

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What challenges does Colombia’s urban transport face, and what is being done to overcome them?


In which areas of energy transport and transmission is there potential for investment? ÁLVAREZ: Colombia boasts a developed and efficient transmission system, with 15,000 km of network and a 97% coverage rate. It reaches most of the country, and the remaining remote areas are supplied by independent generators. Moreover,...


How competitive is the local mining industry, and what reforms are necessary to boost activity?


What specific measures are necessary to develop Colombia’s hydrocarbons reserves?


How would you assess the development of Colombia’s capital markets in recent years?


What impact will recent reforms have on the country’s financial services sector?