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    Each year OBG conducts thousands of interviews with heads of state, public officials and industry experts. This forms an integral part of what we do, allowing us to provide timely and comprehensive market insight. Every OBG Report contains a selection of these interviews and viewpoints, so our readers can learn about the countries we cover from those who know them best.

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How does the dirham’s fixed peg to the US dollar affect UAE monetary policy?


As a business centre for the MENA region, the UAE continues to be a highly relevant and attractive destination for investors for a number of reasons including infrastructure, logistics and access to skilled labour. According to the PwC and World Bank’s “Paying Taxes” 2017 study, the UAE is the country with the single easiest system for paying...


To what extent is demand keeping up with the growing supply of private schools?


What are the main objectives behind the transformation of Dubai into a smart city?


What kind of an impact has recent implementation of smart technologies had on health care?