Infographic: Thailand - 4 Growth Areas to Watch

Thailand 2016 Economy Infographic

The Thai government and private sector are working in tandem to boost consumer spending, push through large-scale infrastructure projects and promote clusters of high value-added industries.

Transport: Connecting The Dots

The government has worked hard to establish Thailand as a regional transport and logistics hub in recent years. As a result, airports are being expanded to handle growing traffic.

Industry: Building From A Strong base 

The economy’s ongoing transition away from agriculture is evident in its primary exports: high-tech industries now dominate the export-oriented manufacturing industries, led by the electronics and automotive segments.

Economy: Retail Recovery

Solid economic growth since 2000 has fuelled a steady rise in domestic income across all income levels over the past decade and a half, leading to a rise in consumer spending power.

Telecoms: Increasing Connectivity

Thailand currently has 82.8m mobile connections, with a smartphone penetration of 63.4%, higher than Indonesia’s 38.1% and Malaysia’s 61.4%.