Infographic: Morocco - Connecting North and South

Morocco 2015 Economy Infographic

With its effective transport infrastructure and economic ties in the region, Morocco is becoming an important gateway to the African continent.

Trade: Africa an increasingly important partner

Although European countries remain Morocco's key trading partners, trade with Africa has been growing in importance in recent years.

Investment: FDI outflows on the rise

As Moroccan companies grow in size they are increasingly looking for merger and acquistion opportunities outside the country's borders.

Transport: Facilitating trade activity

Ongoing improvements have seen Morocco's global ranking for the ease of trading across borders rise considerably.

Transport: More passengers taking to the skies

Passenger traffic through Morocco's airports is increasing thnks to growing trade with th region and efforts to promote tourism.

Industry: Manufacturing holds a key economic role

The manufacturing sector has been expaning, in part due to foreign firms establishing new factories to take advantage of Morocco's proximity to growing African markets.