Infographic: Ghana - Growing Domestic Production

Ghana 2016 Economy Infographic

Ghana has faced a number of challenges lately, but the government has ramped up efforts to increase domestic capabilities and production.

Economy: Eye on Industry

The government's strategy focuses on three goals: improving institutions and governance; boosting raw materials exports; and further developing industry.

Energy: Increasing oil production

Ghana is targeting a six-fold rise in oul production by 2018, with output expected to reach 242.3m barrels that year, up from 39.1m in 2015. 

Agriculture: A vital contributor

Agriculutre was the second-fastest-growing sector in 2014, at 5.7%, behind only services. 

Mining: Steady rise gold

Ghana is Africa's second-largest gold producer, with 86.6% of the mininf sector's evenues coming from the mineral.