Infographic: Algeria - Expanding Opportunities

Algeria 2016 Economy Infographic

The recent drop in oil and gas prices has renewed focus on diversifying the economy, and the Algerian government remains committed to this despite lower revenues.

Energy: Exports Seeing the Impact of Lower Prices

Falling oil and gas prices are affecting Algeria's export, revenues, with the energy segment bringing in $61.6bn in 2013, down from $64.9b in 2013.

Transport: Sea Freight on the Rise

In line with its goal of diversifying the economy, the government is seeking to increase Algeria's role in regional shipping routes.

Industry: Adding Greater Value

The expansion of industrial and manufacturing facilities is helping keep a greater share of Algeria's hydrocarbons wealth in-country.

Banking: Financing Economic Growth

Government efforts to boost small and medium0sized enterprises are helping drive an increase in bank loans to the private sector.