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Indonesia Media & Advertising 2013
With a vibrant TV and print media sector, in addition to a growing online presence, Indonesia presents a wide spectrum of platforms and styles for advertisers and media investors. There is also an increasing sense of confidence and creativity in the industry, which is expanding on the back of robust economic performance and an increasingly wealthy, growing population, anxious to try out new products and lifestyles. As retail surges so too do media and advertising, with much to expect from both in the years to come. This chapter contains an interview with Rudy Tanoesoedibjo, President Director, MNC Skyvision; and a viewpoint from Shoeb K Zainuddin, Group Editor-In-Chief, BeritaSatu Media Holdings.
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Interviews & Viewpoints

Sketch of Shoeb K Zainuddin, Group Editor-in-Chief, BeritaSatu Media Holdings
Shoeb K Zainuddin, Group Editor-in-Chief, BeritaSatu Media Holdings, on the emerging role of social media and the press