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Indonesia East Java 2013
The province of East Java is governed from Surabya, a major industrial and port city, and is subdivided into nine cities and 29 regencies. It has a population of 37.5m and contributes around 15% of national GDP. With much infrastructure and economic muscle already in place, the potential for growth in East Java is great, as are the investment opportunities. The province is well positioned to take advantage of national economic master plan projects, as well as to capitalise on local organic development trends. With regulatory and infrastructure pieces falling into place, growth may be about to accelerate in many ways. East Java, then, has much success and prosperity to reward the efforts of its investors. This chapter contains an interview with H Soekarwo, Governor, East Java Province.
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Sketch of H Soekarwo, Governor, East Java Province
H Soekarwo, Governor, East Java Province: Interview