Third Party Event

30 Aug 2018 - 31 Aug 2018

EAIAC provides a platform for international arbitration practitioners, corporate lawyers, academia professionals, business community stakeholders and in-house counsel from East Africa and beyond to share best practices, network, and deliberate on international arbitration and investments. This year’s theme is ‘Refocusing regional trade, energy and arbitration’.
2018 is the year for African introspection. In trade, 44 members of the African Union recently signed the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA). In energy, there is growing cross-border energy infrastructure and cooperation, including regional power transmission systems and international oil pipelines. What does this mean for African international commercial and investment arbitration? Incredible potential!
Conference highlights:
• Investment in East Africa electricity, oil and gas, mining, infrastructure and trade
• Mitigating risks in East Africa’s energy and infrastructure sectors
• Specialist issues in energy and trade arbitration
• Focused panel on China-Africa arbitration cooperation
• Guidelines for contracting and arbitrating with the governments of East Africa
• Enforcement in international investment and commercial arbitration (ICSID, NYC)
• Artificial intelligence and arbitration: Calling on tech savvy East Africa to innovate for arbitration
• Industry hardtalk: Arbitration users’ perspectives
• Spotlight on the next generation of African arbitrators
• Dispute resolution in the ACFTA
• Arbitration institutions panel: Exploring synergies to promote arbitration in Africa
• Energy poverty a cause for energy disputes: East Africa’s experience

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