Third Party Event

08 Aug 2020

 MAFBEX WIRED will be featuring 4 exciting and informative EVENT HIGHLIGHTS, namely:  

1. MAFBEX TALKS.  This activity will present topics which will be a good source of information that can serve as a valuable reference and insights to its stakeholders and followers.  This activity will be supported by industry experts by presenting relevant topics and trends ranging from e-commerce, digital marketing, food sustainability and food safety.
2. MAFBEX BASICS.  This activity will feature how-to’s in a short creative idea format.  The instructional can be a step by step guide, an explainer or a trivial list which aims to provide a quick and engaging reference for the community.
3. MAFBEX COOKS. This activity will introduce a series of content featuring some of the country’s most well-renowned chefs giving us their best interpretation of restaurant-grade dishes that can be done at home.
4. MAFBEX MIXED.  This activity takes on a fresh roster for this edition. World-class talent from the local craft cocktail community will demonstrate how to prepare their original drinks to spice up your chill weekend nights at the comfort of your own space.

Featuring one of the world’s best bartenders, Mr. Cedric Mendoza of Grain Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney. To quote him, “I used to attend MAFBEX as a student during my college days, and now I’m one of the main attractions. I’m definitely excited and feel like this is a homecoming of some sort even if I’m far away right now. Overall, I’m happy to be part of this year’s online activity.”

For more info, contact:
 Jet Sario, Marketing Manager at