Third Party Event

27 Feb 2015

Four keynote speakers and ten panellists will share their vision about the future of Latin America in the context of our main theme. The region is a more stable and reliable market than it was decades ago, but there is still so much to do. The question is: What are the challenges that lie ahead and the structural reforms needed to become a developed economy? Latin American development is still very heterogeneous across the region and each country has its own set of needs and urgent matters.

Some of the questions we will try to answer are:

  • What is needed to make the region as a whole more competitive?
  • Is more regional integration a possible path to foster development?
  • What does Latin America need to thrive in the global market?
  • What are the solutions needed in Latin America to foster equitable growth?

The line up of speakers includes:

  • H.E. Luis Alberto Lacalle Herrera GCMG – Former President of Uruguay
  • Charles Stewart  – CEO of Itaú BBA UK
  • Sir Mark Moody-Stuart KCMG – Former Chairman of Shell and Anglo American
  • Carlos Fernandez – Director at Santander and Former CEO of Grupo Modelo
  • Jeremy Browne, MP – Former Minister of State at Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  • Fersen Lambranho – Chairman of GP Investments
  • H.E. Francisco Pírez – Chairman Committee of Regional Trade Agreements, WTO

Do not miss this opportunity to find out what is next on Latin America’s economic trends and stay up to date on the most recent policy developments in the region.

Participate in the discussion and join the forum! The debate will be held on Friday, 27th Feb at London Business School’s Campus in central London.

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