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Economic Update | Nouvelles stratégies en Tunisie pour améliorer l’inclusion financière et développer l’accès au crédit

10 Sep 2019
Tunisia banking
La Tunisie vient de se voir accorder un nouveau prêt destiné à moderniser son secteur financier, à doper l’investissement et à accroître l’inclusion financière.

Economic View | Arin Jira, Chairman, ASEAN Business Advisory Council

2 Sep 2019
Arin Jira
Why did the ASEAN Business Advisory Council under Thailand’s chairmanship choose the theme “Empowering ASEAN 4.0”?

Economic Update | Colombia se plantea impulsar intercambio comercial con China

30 Aug 2019
Colombia trade
Colombia busca expandir y diversificar sus lazos comerciales con China a través de una serie de nuevas alianzas, confirmadas por el presidente Iván Duque durante su reciente visita de Estado a esa...

Economic Update | Abu Dhabi’s initiatives to fast-track non-oil growth

30 Aug 2019
Abu Dhabi economic diversification
With the launch of a series of initiatives to support growth in the non-oil sector, Abu Dhabi is reinforcing its efforts to diversify the economy away from hydrocarbons.

Economic Update | What’s next for Egypt after the conclusion of the IMF’s loan package?

30 Aug 2019
Egypt economy
On August 6 Egypt received the sixth and final tranche of a three-year, $12bn loan programme from the IMF, and the country is now set to build on its legacy.

Economic Update | Automotive at the forefront of Myanmar’s drive for industrial growth

30 Aug 2019
Myanmar automotive
Toyota is developing an assembly plant in Myanmar, signalling strong growth prospects in the local market as the country looks to expand its manufacturing output.