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Economic Update | Indonesia: Year in Review 2018

29 Jan 2019
Indonesia: Year in Review 2018
Indonesia posted another solid year of expansion in 2018, supported by strong growth in domestic demand, with further policy initiatives set to continue momentum moving forward.

Economic View | John Brash, Founder and CEO, Brash Brands

28 Jan 2019
John Brash
To what extent does the branding industry, particularly in tourism and retail, in Dubai mirror the ups and downs of the broader economy? 

Economic Update | Papua New Guinea: Year in Review 2018

24 Jan 2019
Papua New Guinea: Year in Review 2018
A 7.5-magnitude earthquake and its subsequent impact on the mining and energy sectors led to a difficult year for Papua New Guinea in 2018; however, new investments from foreign players should reap...

Economic Update | Argentina: Resumen del año 2018

22 Jan 2019
Argentina: Year in Review 2018
La combinación de una economía estancada, alta inflación y la corrida cambiaria del verano pasado, junto con la petición de un préstamo de emergencia en el FMI, hicieron que el año 2018 fuese difícil...

Economic Update | Côte d’Ivoire : Bilan de l’année 2018

22 Jan 2019
Côte d’Ivoire: Year in Review 2018
En 2018, la Côte d’Ivoire a confirmé sa place parmi les économies mondiales les plus performantes ; les programmes de développement des infrastructures actuellement mis en œuvre et les efforts...

Economic Update | Egypt: Year in Review 2018

22 Jan 2019
Egypt: Year in Review 2018
Egypt’s economy maintained a strong rate of growth throughout 2018 on the back of increased gas production, with ongoing fiscal reforms helping to reduce the budget deficit and provide a strong...