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Economic Update | Will new discoveries boost Egyptian tourism?

23 May 2019
Egypt tourism
Egypt’s global reputation as a destination for heritage tourism has been strengthened by a series of major archaeological finds. In tandem with investment in new infrastructure, the new discoveries...

Economic Update | The benefits of joint ventures to Myanmar’s insurance sector

23 May 2019
Myanmar life insurance
The latest step in the liberalisation of Myanmar’s financial services sector has seen the Ministry of Planning and Finance give five foreign insurance providers the provisional right to launch wholly...

Economic Update | Why Trinidad and Tobago’s economy may outpace earlier forecasts

23 May 2019
Trinidad and Tobago economic growth
An increase in gas production and new economic data has prompted major international institutions to update their economic projections for Trinidad and Tobago, with the country’s outlook for 2019...

Economic Update | En Côte d’Ivoire, une hausse des capacités de production de ciment prometteuse pour les exportations

22 May 2019
Côte d’Ivoire cement
La hausse des investissements dans le secteur du ciment en Côte d’Ivoire permettra non seulement de répondre à la demande croissante à l’heure où le pays met en œuvre une stratégie accélérée de...

Economic Update | AMLO y el futuro del sector minero mexicano

22 May 2019
Mexico mining
Si bien el futuro del sector minero de México sigue siendo incierto, los reciente temores a que la nueva administración obstaculizase el crecimiento del sector a través de regulaciones demasiado...

Economic Update | The initiatives unlocking digital opportunities in Bahrain's fintech

9 May 2019
Bahrain Fintech
Bahrain has continued to incentivise growth in financial technology (fintech) following the introduction of new regulations that will allow lenders to expand and upgrade their digital offerings.