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Economic Update | Abu Dhabi: Year in Review 2018

18 Dec 2018
AD 2018
Higher energy returns are expected to have led Abu Dhabi’s return to growth in 2018, with expectations of further expansion in 2019 as the government rolls out an extensive stimulus programme

Economic Update | Dubai: Year in Review 2018

18 Dec 2018
Dubai 2018
Increased state spending on infrastructure and construction projects supported solid growth in Dubai’s economy in 2018, despite muted performances from some key sectors.

Economic Update | New hydrocarbons developments expand Ghana’s energy sector

17 Dec 2018
Ghana energy
Ghana has launched its first open bid for oil and gas leases, a move aimed at attracting international energy investors to the country’s upstream market.

Economic Update | Major road projects near completion as Kuwait improves infrastructure

14 Dec 2018
Kuwait road
Kuwait has moved forward with plans to ease traffic congestion and improve transport infrastructure, with the authorities announcing that a major road project is close to completion, while a series...

Economic Update | Aumento de fondos públicos refuerzan atención médica en Colombia

14 Dec 2018
Colombia hospital
Colombia avanza hacia la modernización de su infraestructura sanitaria, luego de la aprobación preliminar de fondos para dos nuevos grandes proyectos hospitalarios, lo cual sucede mientras el sector...

Economic Update | Egypt postpones public offering programme amid emerging market speculation

13 Dec 2018
Egypt stock
Fluctuations in market conditions and an increase in geopolitical tension over trade have seen Egypt delay the sell-off of shares as part of its public offering programme (POP).