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Economic Update | La hausse de la demande mondiale d’engrais, une aubaine pour le secteur minier marocain

27 Mar 2019
Morocco mining
Le Maroc, désireux de tirer parti de la hausse de la demande mondiale d’engrais prévue, s’attèle actuellement à développer les activités d’extraction de la potasse dans le pays, ce qui devrait...

Economic Update | ¿Qué ciudad lidera la innovación en Colombia?

27 Mar 2019
Colombia innovation
La ciudad colombiana de Medellín ha dado un paso más en su desarrollo como clúster de innovación regional, convirtiéndose en la primera ciudad del mundo hispanohablante en albergar una filial del...

Economic Update | Dubai bolsters its international appeal as an innovation leader

26 Mar 2019
Dubai innovation
In a boost to its standing as a centre for advanced research and innovation, Dubai has been chosen to host an affiliate centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network, an initiative of the World...

Economic View | Ricardo Porto, CEO, Nexa Resources Perú

26 Mar 2019
Ricardo Porto
To what extent are new technologies shaping the mining sector?

Economic Update | The market ramifications of increased rice imports in the Philippines

26 Mar 2019
Philippines rice imports
The Philippines has lifted restrictions on rice imports under new legislation aimed at bridging the supply gap and reducing prices.

Economic View | Omar El Maghawry, CEO, FEP Capital

26 Mar 2019
Omar El Maghawry
What is the environment around SME activity on the Nile Stock Exchange (NILEX), and what areas do you believe need more focus?